Born in Warwickshire, England in 1945, armed with a simple schooling and a love of drawing, Mike Smalley ended up in London working in the world of advertising. Four decades and two continents later, he left the communications industry to study at York University, Toronto ON, in Fine Arts.

Since leaving York, Mike has explored the complexities of abstraction, and the results are highly emotive images that have evolved from this journey. His deep attraction to calligraphy and mark making permeates his work. The emphasis on the visible line and a dedication to never losing its presence or identity is due to his life-long love of the pencil. There is another glance into his past with a collection of collages, incorporating typography, handmade paper and the written word

Colour and process explore the architecture and narrative of the work, offering a window into a very different, yet a spontaneously intriguing world.

Mike Smalley’s art has been enthusiastically received in major galleries and art shows is Toronto, New York and Hong Kong, and his work can be found in collections throughout North America, England, Europe and China.


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