Burke Paterson is an artist living in Toronto. His works at 2gallery come out of his Objects + Ritual series of unique photograms and reversed paper negative photogram images. Photograms are created in the darkroom by placing objects directly onto photographic light-sensitive paper and exposing the paper to light. These objects have both history and potential. We fetishize objects. We collect some. We hoard others. Their meanings change over time and across demographics.

These common objects aim to represent personal and universal histories. The toaster, disconnected from its power source, nevertheless appears to pop. The original purpose of the dial phone is now secondary to its decorative qualities; similar to how the smartphone is often used for everything but talking. These factory-made products have lived long past their built-in obsolescence dates, and have secured their identities as family heirlooms and objets d’art.

The London Calling Clash LP and dial telephone silkscreen images on vintage 78 rpm records speak to a desire to archive histories. Here the obsolete object is saved, revered and beautifully framed for its visual qualities; while the thick print ink renders its original purpose as a listening medium null and void.

Burke Paterson is also the founder and director of the art gallery United Contemporary.


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