Cate McGuire is a visual artist who uses various media to build spaces that mimic both the natural and the built world we live in. Her goal is to provoke reflection and to inhabit memory through re-animating existing images. She has a varied and extensive background in art and design, including a bachelor of fine arts degree from Concordia and a post-graduate degree of architecture from UBC. 

Most of Cate’s images involve collage. They are pieced together carefully and glued, not digitally reproduced, because the original fragments have a quality that is easily lost in translation. Taking disperse magazine fragments apart and putting them together in new ways, using images from different time periods and different print media transforms them into something more than the sum of their parts. There is a lot of emotional residue in the particular collage fragments. In these images, there is more than a little nostalgia for lost spaces, lost rooms and places that will never be.


pink lines.png