Christine Kim is a Toronto-based artist who works primarily in cut paper art, carving away the boundaries between illustration, sculpture, and installation.

Christine received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queen’s University and a Master of Art Education from the University of Victoria. Her work has been exhibited at the Artist Project, Come Up to My Room, Toronto Design Offsite Festival, and Nuit Blanche (Toronto 2013 and Ottawa + Gatineau 2014). She has received grants from the Ontario Arts Council as well as the Toronto Arts Council.

In this new body of work, Christine explores the human body and nature. By layering drawn images and destroying the original illustration through cutting, Christine examines the surface, shape and volume to conceal and reveal glimmers of a portrait. Flesh and fabric fall into shadows, into the dark recesses of an elusive memory, into an unknown narrative. Christine presents the haunting beauty of decay, brokenness and fragmentation.


pink lines.png