beth james

Beth James (b.1985) is an emerging artist who works primarily in watercolour paint and collage. She holds a graduate certificate from the Haliburton School of Art and Design, and a BA in Visual Arts from York University. She currently resides in Newtonville ON.

Beth continually investigates the artistic process, always pushing her materials and ideas in order to grow creatively. Her large-format, non-objective, watercolour paintings investigate the inherent qualities of the paint itself – dynamic colour relationships and lines of tension – ultimately creating a visual experience that provokes and deconstructs the viewer’s expectations and stimulates their engagement with the work.

Her abstract collage pieces further investigate the boundaries of painting by using her own watercolour paintings as the source for collage material. Through this process of deconstruction and reconfiguration, there is room for endless reinterpretation of the original paintings as they transform into something completely new.


pink lines.png