Ian Busher lives and paints in Toronto. He attended an introductory year at Ontario College of Art & Design before being financially forced to give up his artist pursuits to join the workforce – a devastating turn of events. Artistic endeavours were never far from his mind, and Ian soon picked up a camera and began an exploration of the medium focusing on industrial and urban landscapes.

A painter a heart, Ian soon began to layer paint on top of his photography, then adding the textures of the actual industrial materials that intrigued him – steel sheets and up-cycled lumber.

Recently, Ian has returned to painting full time, in a style influenced by visits to galleries during his youth, paying homage to abstract expressionism and colour field study. His work involves both acrylic and spray paint to achieve a fresh, modern perspective, differentiating him from the traditional abstract and colour field artists of his youth. Using the most basic colours and shapes, Ian’s work conveys emotion, tension, drama, weight and movement.

Since 2010, Ian Busher has exhibited extensively, including The Artist’s Project, The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and The Affordable Art Fair in New York.


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