Edd Baptista is a Filipino-Canadian, Toronto-based artist. He was ten years old when he came to Canada in 1977. Edd received a scholarship and graduated from the Ontario College of Art (OCAD University) in 1989. After working as an art director at some of Canada’s top agencies and being recognized in numerous, industry-honoured campaigns, Edd decided to go full-time as a painter, circling back to his first love. Over the last three years, he has been recognized as one of Canada’s top emerging artists.

He has always been fascinated with the figurative and the portrait, always experimenting with various mediums and surfaces. Edd sees his paintings as topography of flesh and expression. A cohesion between the graphic, expressionistic aim of each brush stroke and each charcoal line, while working to successfully balance the compositional paradoxes of intimacy and tension, is a signature expression of his work.

Edd Baptista’s newer pieces are encased in acrylic cases to highlight his use of positive and negative space – as if to capture the paintings’ translucency.


pink lines.png